Antenna Magus Professional 2024 Crack & Keygen Free Download

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Antenna Magus Professional 2024 Crack & Keygen Free Download

Antenna Magus Professional 2017 Crack & Keygen FREE

Antenna Magus Professional 2024 Crack is a software program to speed up the design and procedure of the antenna you are modeling. It increases effectiveness by improving the engineer to make an even more informed choice about the antenna element and provides a good starting design. Validated antenna models can be exported to CST MICROWAVE STUDIO from a massive antenna, which means the engineer can get to the customization phase of an antenna project quickly and reliably. It is an appropriate software that is extensive, due to the numerous antennas in its database that can all be designed according to user specifications by Antenna Magus Professional.

The antenna data in Antenna Magus Professional Crack is organized in a common style, making it simple to compare elements to satisfy the demand for quick assessment of multiple antennas. Antenna Magus is unlike most other literature in that it emphasizes both the specific and general properties of each antenna, making it simple to compare antennas with one another and, more significantly, to compare antennas with the specified needs. Having designed and optimized an antenna in the 2024 Magus Professional Full Antenna and believing in its performance, the practical design methodology requires that the style be tested in an extremely accurate electromagnetic simulation 3D software such as FEKO.

Antenna Magus Professional 2024 Crack Free Download

Its feature set is aimed at helping designers achieve the Customization phase of Antenna design quickly and reliably. Validated parametric models for the project to be initially exported smoothly to FEKO, where changes and optimizations can be made. The design of a Magus Antenna can be exported very quickly to FEKO, based on the latest FEKO simulation functionality, to verify the style in an analysis methodology.

The software package Antenna Magus Professional Key was developed to speed up the time spent on designing and modeling antennas. An extensive antenna database containing over 350 antennas allows for the transfer of validated antenna models to CST Studio Suite®. The engineers who specialize in antenna design, as well as anybody else who needs antenna models for antenna location and/or electromagnetic interference investigations, have found Antenna Magus to be an indispensable tool.

Engineers can make better antenna element decisions, leading to more effective designs from the get-go. Most antenna engineers will begin a new design or system update with a well-established antenna element. Antenna Magus simplifies testing out various strategies. When an engineer tries to use an already-existing antenna element but is unsuccessful due to a lack of time or resources, they may often look into other elements.

Antenna Magus Professional 2024 Crack Download

Too much time is spent on the element decision, and the “cost” of starting over with a new element is too expensive, thus the first element evaluated often becomes the de facto option. The new software package Antenna Magus is intended to speed up the antenna design and modeling process for engineers. Antennas created in the program may be transferred to CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® for additional analysis and optimization, and the program contains a large library of completed antenna designs. Antenna designers and modelers will find their day-to-day tasks streamlined as a result, allowing them to meet stricter deadlines without sacrificing quality.

Antenna Magus provides a comprehensive, searchable catalog of antennas. It does more than just emphasize the specifics of an antenna; it also provides some background material. Engineers may use this to locate and choose antennas that meet their needs, and to compare important characteristics of different antennas. Its features are geared toward helping engineers swiftly and accurately reach the antenna design customization stage. The basic design’s validated parametric models are transferred without any hitches into CST MICROWAVE STUDIO, allowing for further analysis and optimization.

Antenna Magus Professional 2024 Serial Key

As such, antenna design engineers, EMC engineers, and system integrators who need antenna models for antenna placement studies may all benefit greatly from having access to Antenna Magus. While the whole database is unavailable in the evaluation edition, you may still create antennas, assess their performance, and export them to CST MICROWAVE STUDIO. When it comes to calculating the antenna design, Antenna Magus Professional is among the best and most powerful software on the market. Locate the model file for your preferred program and launch it. Search models can be founded on a wide range of criteria, including antenna type, antenna manufacturer, and so on.

If you want the greatest results using Antenna Magus Professional Keygen throughout the design and fabrication phases, you’ll need to have a firm grasp on emission theory, amplifier design concepts, microwaves, and microwave combinations, as well as impedance. This is an example of an application. Its specifications may be quickly and simply met by browsing the program’s database of over two hundred different models, finding the right configuration, and then sending the data to a microwave circuits modeling and design software like CTS, AWR, or FIKO for analysis and simulation.

Antenna Magus Professional 2024 Activation Key

Antenna design and application software are often environment-friendly, and it is comparable to other commercial software in the field of antenna design. The antenna’s frequency, gain, input impedance, and design can all matter in such a setting. Antenna and its parameters are designed using software that adheres to Czech legislation; if the user enters a value that is inconsistent with these regulations, or if any of the other design parameters are not by the rules of the program, the user will get an error message.

If you need to calculate the design of an antenna, this is one of the best and most powerful programs available. Emissions expertise, a firm grasp of the concepts of microwave radiation and microwave amplifier design, and an understanding of impedance matching are all necessary for designing and constructing an antenna. If you let the program handle things, it will do it optimally. Find out how each model works and what standards were utilized in its creation as well as a summary of the integration process.

Antenna Magus Professional 2024 Features:

  • Several element patterns per array, as well as the direct utilization of element patterns of preexisting antenna designs in the collection, are now supported by the Array Synthesis Tool.
  • The original set of Basic Array Operators has been augmented with a Mirror Operator that also allows for a copy and phase shift.
  • A copy option with a progressive phase shift has been added to the already present Basic Rotation and Translation operators.
  • Once only accessible in design mode, the Value Comparison Table is now a permanent fixture in the Compare Window.
  • The Value Comparison Table in the Compare Window now allows you to pick a reference from the table.
  • Now, near-fields may be approximated for a design without enabling NFS, and then calculated.
  • Exporting only a subset of variables instead of all of them is now an option with the new Export Macro function.
  • The Materials and Physical Properties division now has its own Design Range Extrapolation goals, such as substrate height, relative permittivity, and so on.
  • Included in this set is a synthetic tool array that has been upgraded to accommodate using multiple element samples on each array, as well as a model element of a custom-designed antenna.
  • The multiplication operator (with copy and translation phase options) has been added to the operator array basic.
  • Copying with a progressive phase transition is now a possibility with the Rotate and Translate operators of the existing.
  • We have extended the availability of the comparison table’s value from design mode to the window comparison.
  • The window comparison’s comparison value now also allows the reference in the table to be selected.
  • When a reference is selected, a percentage number indicating the difference between the selected reference and the other value with the same type of unit will appear.

Antenna Magus Professional Crack

What’s New in Antenna Magus Professional?

  • Magus Professional 2023 antenna is now only available in native 64-bit architecture.
  • Numerous performance improvements have been made, with a specific impact on Find mode and responsiveness when switching from Drawings to Prototypes.
  • The distance, which is the relative distance between the elements of the range, can now be specified in physical distances.
  • For users with CST STUDIO SUITE license, Antenna Magus Professional Crack license may use CST License Manager.
  • The performance estimate of many antennas has now been increased, and the designs that are additional Tweaking options have been improved.
  • Improvements to the specification that a current workflow exists
  • More than 315 antennas and transitions are now available

Antenna Magus Pro Crack is significantly more than just a database of antennas. Additionally, it is a toolbox for antenna engineers, full of useful tools that you can use to simplify antenna that is every day. It Has the Following Tools:

  • The two-port network conversion tool
  • Friis transmission equation calculator
  • VSWR Return Loss Calculator
  • Library substrate
  • Library specifications
  • Antenna efficiency tool
  • A tool for the signal-to-sound ratio
  • Graphics tracking tool
  • Passive remote sensing tools
  • System temperature calculator
  • Correspondence link calculator
  • Connector Library
  • Angular conversion calculator
  • A tool for the radar beam equation
  • Reporting tool
  • Radar parts calculator
  • Antenna temperature calculator
  • Profit Calculator did
  • Profit from the opening calculator
  • Model approximation tool
  • Skin depth calculator
  • Antenna radiation efficiency tool
  • Product transformation tool length
  • Waveguide Library
  • Aperture distribution calculator
  • Gain / Bandwidth Converter

Antenna Magus Design:

  • The style capabilities provided by Antenna Magus will be the most versatile of all antennae, which is a commercial tool.
  •  Each antenna may create a variety of objectives like running frequencies, gain, input impedance, and the kind that is the substrate.
  • The synthesis algorithms match goals to the parameter that is physical in just a matter of seconds, enabling the engineer instant feedback about the expected dimensions associated with the antenna.

Antenna Magus Export:

  • Antenna Magus’ export functionality allows more hours to be spent on antenna design and less time on mastering simulation PC software.
  • Novel principles and design a few ideas may be tested faster than in the past. Beginning with “ready to run” parametric simulation models exported from Antenna Magus, users can leverage the abilities provided by the supported 3D EM simulation tools more efficiently.
  • Models may also be combined to realize topologies that are brand new rapidly.


  • The array Tool in Antenna Magus assists engineers in synthesizing arrays of different forms with different excitation distributions and elements that are radiating.
  • You can also import customized array layouts and element habits. Find out about the supported array topologies in Antenna Magus.

Knowledge management system:

  • Create & manage antenna designs, patterns, and information. Effective data management impacts the line that is at the bottom of companies because it gives workers access to knowledge that has developed.


  • In addition to the antenna that is accessible documents,  Antenna Magus additionally has an article section where interesting antenna-related articles also as handy “how to utilize” Antenna Magus Documents posted.
  • These materials are available on the “Info browser”).
  • Just click on the “Open Info Browser” symbol regarding the Antenna Magus ribbon to find them.

System Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Windows 10, 8.1, and 7
  • Processor: Xeon or comparable AMD or Intel multi-core series
  • RAM: 4GB (8GB or more recommended)
  • There should be at least 4GB of free space on your hard drive.

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