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Folder Lock 7.9.2 Crack can password-protect, lock, hide, and encrypt multiple files, folders, drives, images, and documents in a few seconds. The protected files are confusing; they can not be destroyed and are also inaccessible and very safe. It can hide data from children, friends, and colleagues and save them from viruses, trojans, worms, and spyware. It can also protect them from networked PC cable users and hackers. This is an excellent folder security application that has Windows Explorer integration, lots of lockable settings, and a wallet feature. It comes with some useful extra features like backup tools.

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This is an encryption PC software that one can certainly trust to guard your files and information. It uses the Advanced Encryption Standard key which is 256-bit, which may be the algorithm that many governments believe along with their categorized information across divisions. when also provides additional protection, such as file shredding and stealth mode. A folder Lock is the best solution to it. Now, with the shredding tool, the files will be permanently deleted from the device’s storage and can not be recovered by anyone to use against that person.

Overall, the folder lock is just what you need to secure your data in a simple yet unattractive interface. In this article, we’ll go through some of the best PC folder lock programs, including descriptions of their key features and links to their official online stores. As a bonus, you can use the application to encrypt your data, hide sensitive information in Wallets, permanently delete files, and clear your Windows history.

Folder Lock Crack 2024 [Updated]

Folder Lock Crack locks, hides, and password-protects files and files on your computer; however, it also encrypts files and e-mail accessories, takes secure backups, protects USB and CD drives, and makes wallets that will keep bank card numbers and other delicate personal information. It thwarts hackers by logging and acting upon multiple failed log-in attempts, while stealth that is hotkey-activated keeps out snoops. This is free to test for one month. It hinges on a master password. When you’ve logged in because of the master password, you’re free to secure and unlock files, folders, and drives without entering it again.

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Folder Lock Crack 2024 Incl Updated Registration Key

Folder Lock Registration Key has been the first choice of anyone who wishes to protect his digital data for quite some time now. It is a one-point solution for protecting all devices. Folders can be locked in an instant so that other people can’t have a look at them. Folder Lock allows the user to hide confidential documents from unwanted eyes by just pressing a button. It creates a vault that is protected by AES 256-bit Encryption. Now, every time the user wants to preserve his file, there is no need to encrypt each file individually.

To protect the information, sometimes a file or a folder can be deleted with the idea that it may never appear again. But, even when a file is deleted, there is still some part of it that is backed up on the device. Of program, this would be a unique, unforgettable password, something you can keep in mind but that nobody else would guess. Just drag the data into the vault, and it is encrypted.

If you need a reliable and thorough folder-locking application, go no further than Folder Lock. Folder Lock is a useful tool for protecting sensitive documents and other data. In contrast to My Lockbox, which is free, this tool costs money but offers a wealth of customization choices for keeping sensitive files safe. If you have to use a shared computer or a system that other people may access across a network, then you need a Folder Lock. The Folder Lock may be used to safeguard sensitive information on a personal computer by requiring a password to access data saved in a variety of locations.

Folder Lock License Key

Many choices are available to you in the Folder Lock Key. Secondly, it’s built into Windows Explorer, so you can lock any folder or file by selecting it and selecting “Lock this folder” from the context menu. At this point on, you may either secure the document or destroy it. Files may be locked and encrypted, removable media like USB drives and DVDs can be protected, and email attachments can be encrypted, just to name a few of the many features accessible from the program’s main interface. While its primary function is folder security, Folder Lock is a very adaptable application with many other features.

In addition to using the cloud for storage, you may establish digital encrypted Wallets to store sensitive information like bank account details and contact information. Folder Lock also features extensive, naturally password-protected configurable settings. The protected files can be made inaccessible to children or other network users, and they can also be prevented from being transferred or destroyed. Security against malicious software and hacking attempts is another feature of this tool.

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There are numerous free folder-locking programs available, but few match this one in both features and user-friendliness. Try it out for yourself by downloading and installing it; you might be pleasantly surprised. You may safeguard your data by using Folder Lock, a program that encrypts whole directories and files with a password. You may use the software to obfuscate, safeguard, and encrypt data stored on your computer, hard drive, or external storage media. In addition to Windows and DOS, Folder Lock also works in Safe Mode. Protect your system against malicious software with the help of the Folder Lock utility.

Folder Lock’s special features make the system even more protected. Virtual Wallets allow users to keep information securely in the cloud by providing a digital encrypted storage space. Addresses, banking details, and other sensitive papers and data may be safely saved here. To prevent malicious software from accessing sensitive data, this information is encrypted using robust technology. Files may be synced in real time between the local device and the cloud thanks to the backup on cloud capabilities.

Folder Lock Crack Free Download

Folder Lock is an indispensable tool for a computer, as it allows users to restrict access to certain folders, encrypt sensitive data, create encrypted partitions, and much more. Excellent performance can be expected from the backup sync function since any changes made to files on the local disc will be reflected in the cloud in real-time. Stealth Mode, Hacker Attempt Monitoring, Shred data, AutoLock, Auto Shutdown PC, Lock your Computer, Wipe PC traces, 256-bit Blowfish Encryption and a Context Menu in Explorer are just some of the advanced security features included with Folder Lock.

Folder Lock Software is a set of utilities that shields your data against unauthorized access, modification, and deletion. These applications employ encryption methods for safety and offer an intuitive UI. If you make a change to a file on your computer, it will instantly reflect in the cloud version. Users may set up secure lockers with military-grade encryption to store and protect sensitive data while they’re on the move. File encryption, file deletion, file history deletion, and real-time secure backup are also supported. Stealth mode allows the user to hide their computer from prying eyes.

Main Features:

  • Put away your private papers and pictures
  • Encrypt sensitive documents and folders.
  • Your encrypted data should be backed up and synced.
  • Credit cards and other physical cards may be stored safely and conveniently in electronic wallets.
  • Other features include monitoring for hacking attempts, a stealth mode, and more
  • Helps with a temporary locker
  • Help for Windows Operating System Software requires a password to be uninstalled.
  • Preventing data breaches caused by hackers
  • Automatically cleans previous records
  • The time required for encryption is significantly reduced.
  • In addition, it makes a safe and quick copy of your data.
  • Moreover, transportable, genuine, and rapidly secure.
  • Security for Applications
  • Moreover, you may fashion wallets.
  • In addition, you may safeguard your data automatically by using the auto protection feature.
  • The deletion of previous versions of files and directories is also a possibility.
  • To prevent unauthorized access to your data, use the virtual keyboard.
  • Moreover, it offers the ability to force the machine to shut down in the event of repeated failed password attempts.
  • In addition, a cloud-based backup option should be made available.
    Combination with Browsers.
  • It provides an easy-to-navigate interface that is also safe and secure.
  • A password may also be used to safeguard our files and directories.

Latest Features

  • Our data can be backed up repeatedly.
  • It can protect any mobile device that is linked to our network.
  • Our record might be deleted irretrievably.
  • It protects our data by putting it into archives.
  • All security-related tasks are easily accomplished in a matter of seconds.
  • Also, using this, we may authorize access to a particular file or directory together with its password.
  • The file can be locked at the kernel level in Windows secure mode as well.
  • It’s quite simple to use, and the interface is well-designed, so we can encrypt our data in a single step.
  • We may encrypt any data, including personal information, using techniques developed for use in the military.
  • Moreover, it can design custom storage containers that protect the confidentiality and integrity of stored information.
  • An active code base that expands along with the data is also included.

Other Features:

  • Shred data.
  • On-the-fly security.
  • Encrypt files & folders.
  • Safeguard USB/CD/Emails.
  • Clean History.
  • Backup data to a secure blur.
  • Stealth Mode.
  • Generate Wallets.
  • Lock computer files, versions & drives.


  • Add-on for Windows Several choices can be secured with locks.
  • Very convenient wallet addition
  • Powerful supplementary features, including a backup system and a document shredder.

What’s New?

  • The most recent release is compatible with Windows 11.
  • Newer versions have sophisticated encryption techniques for safeguarding your sensitive data.
  • This activates a covert mode as well.
  • Data sent through email, CD, or USB stick is safe.
  • Protect sensitive information by encrypting individual files, whole folders, or entire discs.
  • New and improved security features have been implemented to further protect you.
  • There is now a superior locker selection available.
  • As well as several enhancements and bug fixes.

System Requirements

  • Windows OS (All Versions)
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM recommended.
  • Intel processor with a clock speed of at least 500 GHz.
  • Free space on your hard drive must be at least 100 MB.


  • Create secure folders.
  • Data shredding function.
  • Comprehensive feature set.


  • No multiple encryption choice.

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