IObit Smart Defrag PRO 9.4.0 Crack + Serial Key Free Download

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IObit Smart Defrag PRO 9.4.0 Crack + Serial Key Free Download

IObit Smart Defrag PRO 9.4.0 Crack is a hard disk defragmentation program. It works on the principle of “forget and ask.” After setup, the utility goes into automatic mode and seamlessly to your system, and user functionality defragmenters documents by running the computer regularly. Therefore, the higher performance of the file system is achieved because the documents are not broken into fragments. This program not only defragmented files but also arranged their location relative to each other for faster reading. For quicker scanning, the utility not only defragments documents but also arranges their place relative to one another.

Schedule and run defragmentation tasks on your hard drives with the help of Smart Defrag. As a result, drives may become more efficient and information may be accessed more rapidly. Defragmenting your hard drives is a simple task that can be automated using Smart Defrag. This can boost disc speed and make it easier to retrieve data fast. Status, Automatic Defrag, Boot Time Defrag, and Report are the app’s four primary components. The primary one displays the results of the current scan. Choose between Defrag Alone, Defrag, and Quick Optimize, or Defrag and Fully Optimize to specify the type of defragmentation you wish to do. IObit Uninstaller Pro Key

IObit Smart Defrag Crack Freee Download

Its intuitive interface makes it Perfect for IObit Smart Defrag PRO Crack a PC user. Smart Defrag smart key gets the fastest defragmentation principle. It is explicitly designed for large contemporary hard drives, so it takes a long wait. Not only does Smart Defrag use secure defragmentation. Besides, it optimizes your document system, moving frequently used directories and files into the first area of ​​the disk, allowing your computer to operate at a stable rate at a maximum price. The most crucial benefit of this utility is that, unlike any other automatic defragmenters, Smart Defrag doesn’t perform continuous analysis and defragmentation, thus damaging your disc and lowering the length of its performance.

Intelligent Security IObit Smart Defrag PRO Patch technology ensures the safety and functioning of the drive, determining when and how to begin defragmentation. You may suspend scans at any time, and Smart Defrag can be instructed to shut down the computer after it is completed. SmartDefrag sets the most used records on the fastest sections of this disc, so optimizing the performance of the drive, and providing stability and speed. Just selecting the game you wish to defrag in Smart Defrag’s Game Optimize feature will immediately optimize your experience with Smart Defrag’s ultra-fast engine. Ashampoo WinOptimizer Crack

The primary reason for a computer’s sluggish performance is disc fragmentation. Smart Defrag’s increased defragmentation time and upgraded multi-threading defragmentation engine make it a superior option for achieving both rapid data access and top-notch disc performance. When this happens, you’ll notice a substantial improvement in the speed with which games load, the rate at which files are copied, etc. The time it takes to boot up and get going on your computer increases as it ages. Fixing this issue is a breeze with the aid of Smart Defrag.

IObit Smart Defrag PRO Crack + License Key Download

If you set up Boot Time Defrag, your hard drive’s inaccessible files can be defragmented quickly while the system is booting up. There is nothing more frustrating than having to wait forever for a video game to load. In most cases, disc fragmentation is to blame for a computer’s sluggish and unreliable performance. The hard disc may be defragmented more quickly and easily with the assistance of a Smart Defrag. In addition to doing thorough defragmentation, Smart Defrag also enhances disc performance. ESET Smart Security Premium Crack

Smart Defrag is designed to be “installed and forgotten,” working silently in the background to maintain peak hard drive performance. Whether you’re using it at home, in the office, or both, Smart Defrag is available at no cost. For optimal hard drive performance, use Smart Defrag, a free, lightweight, and stable disc defragmentation utility. Smart Defrag, powered by IObit’s latest disc defrag engine and “Boot Time Disk Defrag” technology, not only defragments your discs like any other defragmenter would but also intelligently streamlines your files based on how often you use them, speeding up your discs and allowing you to access your data more quickly.

IObit Smart Defrag PRO Crack + Torrent Free Download

IObit Smart Defrag PRO Serial Key has all the features a defragger should have, but the advertising is overbearing. At every turn, it bombards you with suggestions for further applications. Despite the nagging, the performance is on par with other Windows defragmentation tools. To free up more space on your hard drive, it utilizes Deep Analysis technology to intelligently remove unnecessary files before defragmenting. Disk Defragmenter is the first disc defragmenter to completely support Windows 8/8.1/10 Metro Applications; it defrags big hard drives quickly, automatically, and silently in the background.

Either on every boot or once every few days, you may schedule this to activate. This software is an alternative to Windows’ built-in defragmentation widget; it is more sophisticated and provides more options and modifications. Even more seriously, if you don’t uncheck the appropriate boxes during installation, this tool will disable your current defragmenter and install other software on your computer. After IObit Smart Defrag Keygen Free Download is set up, you’ll be pleased with its cutting-edge interface, which allows for some personalization and displays your hard disc in an attractive and easy-to-read map. Driver Booster Pro Crack

Features and Highlights

Enhanced Rate of File Access

When a computer is running slowly or erratically, disc fragmentation is usually the blame. The utility offers effective defragmentation technology to hard drives and SSDs by multi-threading defragging, consolidating free space, and defragmenting huge files to speed up your hard drive for faster data access and superior disc performance. When this happens, you’ll notice a substantial improvement in the speed with which games load, the rate at which files are copied, etc.

Start Your Computer Up to 100% Quicker

Windows prevents the safe relocation of some boot files on the system drive while it is executing, which slows down system starting times. This may be done quickly and easily with the tool’s Boot-time Defrag option, which can help you defragment HDD files without risking data loss. It also has an IObit-exclusive capability that lets you defragment only the files you want while speeding up your computer. Following that, your computer will boot up quickly and function at peak performance while being as stable as possible.

Quick, Automated Disk Defragmentation

In addition to standard disc defragmentation, Smart Defrag for Desktop intelligently improves your system by reorganizing your files by how often you use them. While utilizing the most recent disc defrag engine from IObit, your data is just as safe as when using Windows. And after that, you may set it and forget it. With no manual intervention required, it will function flawlessly.

Quicker Computer Access Time

The primary reason for a computer’s sluggish performance is disc fragmentation. It’s the best option for achieving lightning-fast data access and top-notch disc performance, thanks to its upgraded multi-threaded defrag engine and increased defrag speed. When this happens, you’ll notice a substantial improvement in the speed with which games load, the rate at which files are copied, etc.

Accelerated system startup

Older computers take longer to boot up and get going. This is a simple problem that the software helps you solve. Faster system boot times can be achieved by configuring the Boot Time Defrag function to defragment items on the hard drive that cannot be moved while the system is active.

Improved Capability in Games

Nobody enjoys waiting around as a game loads. Choose the game you want to defragment and run SmartDefrag’s Game Optimize to have the experience streamlined rapidly using an ultra-fast engine.

IObit Smart Defrag PRO Features:

  • Data protection and reliability are assured Up to 200% faster file access speed.
  • Boot time defragmentation for faster PC startup.
  • Automatically and intelligently defragments fragmented files.
  • Customization of the defragmentation mode and of the disks/documents to be defragmented DMA applied for better, faster, and more secure data transfer.
  • Car update to the latest version. Free 24/7 technical support request. Supported with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).
  • Compatible with all the hottest variants of Windows 10 1803.
  • Improved defragmentation engine for ultra-fast defragmentation.
  • Improved algorithm for organizing files for faster access.
  • Expanded disk cleaning database to free up more disk space.
  • Optimized operating procedures for a more exceptional consumer experience.
  • A new round of Lucky Draw has been launched.
  • More intuitive installation procedure.
  • New readable epidermis and a much more intuitive interface.
  • 40 languages ​​supported. And more could be seen by you.


  • User-Friendly Design
  • Coordinate your time effectively
  • Reduces the level of intrusion

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • 1 GHz processor or faster
  • 200 MB of free hard disk space

What’s New?

Machine Defragmentation

  • The new Defrag Engine utilizes multithreading, making the defragmentation process lightning-fast, reliable, and efficient.

Disassemble Big Files

  • It is recommended to defragment huge files to increase disc read/write speeds and prolong the life of the drive.

Disk Status

  • Keep an eye on the disk’s temperature, use, self-monitoring analysis, and more in real-time.

Optimal Defragmentation and Fragmentation

  • Intelligently using the best defrag/optimize the procedure for each disc is essential for peak performance.

IObit Smart Defrag Serial Key

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